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we believe that the great apps

always comes from the great developers

Meet the Developers... they are always up to something good!

Asadullohil Ghalib
CEO & Producer

Have a strong leadership background and excellent programming skills. He trusted as CEO of Solite Studio

Miftah Alfian Syah

Have an excellent programming skills. He can implement game design to be a code quickly. He is the programmer of STH

M. Bagus Muslim
Artist 2D

A man who talented in visual art. He can create an object games quickly and very smooth. He is the creator of Save The Hamsters Character

Syamsul Arifin

A man who never give up to always learn and learn about programming topic. He trusted as programmer of Solite Studio

Fahrur Rozi
Game Designer

A man who have much game idea. He can create many level of games quickly. He is the creator of Save The Hamster's Levels

M. Rifandi Lihawa
Music Composer

A man who expert to make music and SFX in the game